Hello, my name is Rose Guilfoyle. I am originally from a little town in the Mojave Desert; Las Vegas. I visited Portland in 1996 and made it my home shortly after- I only returned to Nevada long enough to get my possessions, put a few affairs in order, and say goodbyes.

I grew up in a home where we learned to make, and fix, things rather than buying new. My parents' home was filled with treasures found walking in the desert, Victorian and depression era antiques, sentimental, curious oddities and knick knacks from all over the country; these objects inspire the images that I most love to paint and tattoo. Most of the art that I make when I'm not tattooing is created with reappropriated paint and materials.

Through several, unexpected, twists in my life I was given the chance to learn tattooing here at Pussycat. Brian Wilson helped me get started, and Saad Sweilem taught me to tattoo. I have worked at Pussycat Tattoo since 2003, and I've learned something from everyone who has ever been a part of our crew. I now get to work with my best friends, who are ALL very talented. We have a great time- it never feels too much like work!

When I'm not tattooing I make time to read and take naps. I am obsessed with most things Victorian, Pit Bulls, fine champagne and the northern Oregon Coast. I collect antique locks and keys.

In the shop: Thursday - Sunday
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